Who We Are

The government contracting arena is saturated with companies that look the same, sound the same urated with companies that look the same, sound the same, and out the same offerings.

  • Why choose Sonic IT Consulting?
  • What makes Sonic IT Consulting stand out above the others?

Sonic IT Consulting is different in the fundamental way we run the business and manage the delivery of our services. We attribute the company's steady growth and success to our constant focus on the basics: recruit the best people and treat them with utmost dignity and respect, provide superior customer support, and deliver solutions that ensure their mission success. Sonic IT Consulting employees are perfectionists. We have a tremendous work ethic, integrity, and serious dedication to our profession. In fact, one customer described that dedication as "ferocious execution". We take pride in working with customers to increase efficiency and streamline business processes by helping them to reap the benefits of new technologies and industry best practices.Sonic IT Consulting offers a wide scope of consulting solutions customized to specific client needs including but not limited to Application and Software Development, Workforce and Resource Management and IT Program Management.

Trust in our team, beliefs, valued relationships and an un-matched level service has been critical to our strategic and business success. We leverage technology, adhere to client business practices, and develop innovative solutions that allow organizations to not only remain competitive in the current marketplace but also give them a more strategic placement for future endeavors.

Our goal is working towards the client's goal so we can develop internal client commitment and work in a partnership role.